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Gas Appliance Hookup Services in Houston, TX

Most residents in and around Houston, TX, have appliances in their homes that run on natural gas. Natural gas is one of the most efficient and least expensive forms of fuel on the planet, and its use in domestic settings to power appliances is widespread. However, these appliances can become hazardous to you in your home if the gas appliance hookups were installed incorrectly or something else goes wrong with them. Furthermore, relocating gas appliance hookups could also lead to additional safety risks when a service professional is not present to guide the installation. 

Fortunately, Aberle Plumbing provides homeowners in and around Houston, TX, with expert gas appliance hookup services for safe and efficient oven, stove gas line, and gas range installations. Call us today to learn more about our professional gas appliance hookup services and all of our other superior plumbing and installation services! 

Gas Stove Installation

Gas stoves are nearly ubiquitous household appliances that perform a necessary function; however, gas lines for stoves must be handled with care to ensure safe gas stove installations and use. Many homeowners believe that they can buy their gas appliances and install them themselves. Although it is possible to do the work on your own, it is far safer and more efficient to have trained Aberle Plumbing professionals take care of the installation. Read below to learn more about how bad installations could potentially spell disaster for you, your home, and your family:

The Dangers of Natural Gas Leak

  • Natural gas is a highly flammable substance that is susceptible to ignition even by the smallest spark. If a gas pipe or connection is incorrectly installed or damaged and leaks natural gas into your home, there is a substantial risk of a destructive house fire or even an explosion. 
  • Furthermore, natural gas is not safe to inhale for an extended period. Gas leaks that gradually expel natural gas into your home could cause painful headaches, occasional dizziness, and general feelings of illness. These symptoms can worsen over time.
  • Finally, gas leaks can put a strain on your wallet when gone unchecked for too long. All that wasted gas will be reflected in your higher monthly bills!

As you can see, there are many hazards to unsafe, cheap, or inexperienced gas line or gas stove installations. Therefore, the gas appliance hookup service you hire must have a track record of successful gas appliance installations.

At Aberle Plumbing, our gas appliance hookup services are second-to-none in the Houston area. Our appliance technicians have over three decades of experience dealing with everything from sink garbage disposal repairs to oven and gas range installations and shower faucet replacements. We can do it all, so contact us soon so we can get the job done safely and efficiently!

For more information about our expert gas appliance hookup services in Houston, TX, or to learn about our numerous other plumbing, appliance, and fixture repairs, replacements, and installations, feel free to look through our website or call Aberle Plumbing today!