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Sink & Garbage Disposal Repair Service in Houston, TX

One of the most convenient appliances in your kitchen is your sink. Your sink is the perfect place to wash vegetables, scrub dishes, fill up pots, and get clean, fresh drinking water in your cup. It is also responsible for taking wastewater down the drain, into the sewer line, and away from your home. The garbage disposal is also essential; it makes life in the kitchen much more manageable. Both of these appliances make meal clean-up a cinch and keep smelly food scraps from rotting in the bottom of a trash bag.

Unfortunately, when the drain is clogged or the rotors in the garbage disposal stop spinning, you could be left with unshredded food and stagnant water in the sink basin, as well as a big headache. In this situation, the best thing you can do is call Aberle Plumbing for convenient and affordable sink and garbage disposal repair services in and around Houston, TX

For over 30 years, Aberle Plumbing technicians have provided homeowners in the Houston area with the highest-quality residential plumbing, appliance, and fixture replacement and repair services. We can fix leaking pipes and clogged drains, provide fast garbage disposal replacements and kitchen sink spray head replacements, and many other kitchen sink services.

Plumber installing a new garbage disposal under a kitchen sink

Common Sink Drain & Garbage Disposal Problems

Clogged Drain

Even if you’re very careful about what you put down the drain, things like grease, fat, coffee grounds, and foreign objects always seem to find their way to clog up the works. For most drain blockages, simple cleaning methods like drain snaking and the vinegar-baking soda-boiling water mixture will do the trick. However, for more severe clogs, it’s best to trust the sink repair services from the professionals at Aberle Plumbing.

Leaking Garbage Disposal

Few things are worse than dealing with wet, old food from the garbage disposal. When mounting bolts come undone, the plumber’s putty fails, or the garbage disposal gets jostled under the sink, a leak can form, forcing you to not only sop up the water and stop the leak but mop up the food particles and residue as well. Call Aberle for a quick and reliable repair service.

Unresponsive Blades 

Generally speaking, mechanical failures are nuisances. But, when food is already in the garbage disposal, and the blades won’t spin, you’re left with the unappealing task of manually removing all the wet, smelly food from the drain. In this instance, you might want to consider a garbage disposal replacement from Aberle Plumbing.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Sometimes, you can’t avoid jamming too much food into the garbage disposal without periodically grinding. Also, certain foods like lemon and lime rinds, and items like plastic toys can stop up the works when accidentally dropped in. When your garbage disposal is jammed, it is easy to cause damage to the components and encourage the other problems listed above. Call up the experts to fix the problem once and for all!

If you live in or around Houston, TX, and encounter any of the issues we’ve mentioned, you are probably looking for a sink or garbage disposal replacement and repair service you can trust. In that case, bring in the experts at Aberle Plumbing. Our technicians have extensive plumbing experience and even offer professional gas appliance hookups, kitchen sink spray head replacements, and bathroom fixture installations at affordable rates all year long. Call us today to learn more!