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A sink and leaky faucet in a Houston, TX, home.

5 Common Causes of High Water Bills With Easy Solutions

Like everywhere else, homeowners across Texas rely on their water supply for countless reasons every day. As a result, it’s crucial to pay close attention to your water bills and make sure that the cost equates to how much water you are using.

If you have been experiencing unusually high water bills, you may feel overwhelmed thinking about the unexpected financial costs. However, a problem with your plumbing system could be to blame and should be addressed as soon as possible. Here are five of the most common reasons for high water bills and easy solutions.

1. Excess Water Use

There may be an easily identifiable reason as to why your water bill is so high, such as excess water consumption. Try to recall how much water you used these past few months. There is a chance that you’ve used more water recently than you realized. For instance, your water bill might be high if there were more people in your household than usual or if you ran more loads of laundry or dishes.

However, if your water usage has remained the same, a high water bill might be the result of plumbing problems.

2. Leaky Toilets

On average, residents in the city of Houston use 246 gallons of water every day. Toilets account for more than a quarter of all home water use. Seeing as toilets use up a great deal of water when they’re working properly, an internal toilet leak can end up wasting significant amounts of water. As a result, a toilet leak could be to blame for why your water bill is so high.

The first way to identify if you’re dealing with a leak is to listen to your toilet. If you hear a hissing sound, you could have a faulty tank flapper or broken connector. Faulty flappers can cause running water to endlessly move from the tank to the blow.

Next, you can conduct a food coloring test. Squeeze a few drops of food dye into your toilet tank, then check the toilet bowl after fifteen minutes to see if the dye has traveled to the bowl. In most instances, damaged flappers are the cause. Fortunately, a toilet flapper is really easy and relatively inexpensive to replace.

3. Faulty Faucets

If you find no leak in your toilet and are still wondering why your water bill is so high, turn to your faucets. Much like a leaky toilet, faulty and dripping faucets can result in high monthly bills. Leaking faucets can also be replaced. To identify a leaky faucet, inspect all of your home’s faucets and fixtures. You will notice water dripping from a faucet even while it is closed. Remember to shut off the water and disconnect the water lines before making any leak adjustments.

4. Leaky Irrigation System

Home irrigation systems, such as sprinklers, could be responsible for a doubled water bill. Irrigation system leaks can be caused by loose joints or cracks in the lines. Besides a high water bill, other signs of leaky irrigation include a dry yard or water gathering in pools around your sprinklers. Licensed plumbers are necessary to fix irrigation leaks. To schedule a service with a reliable and cheap plumber in the Houston, TX, area, contact Aberle today.

5. Broken Pipes

Broken pipes can have many adverse effects on your home, and a high water bill is one of them. If you have already dismissed all other potential reasons as to why your water bill is so high, remember to check your basement or crawlspace for any potential broken pipes.

You’ll need to contact a professional plumbing service immediately if this is the reason behind your astronomical water bill. Leaking pipes, if left untreated, can cause mold, flooding, water damage, and more.

As your neighborly plumbers, we’re proud to provide dependable customer service and affordable plumbing services. Aberle offers all leading plumbing services, such as faucet replacements and sewer cleaning, in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our team is always happy to answer any questions about plumbing leaks. Contact us today!