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Don’t Let Your Holidays Go Down the Drain!

With the holiday season fast approaching, many homeowners are busy preparing their homes for the upcoming festivities. One of the most overlooked aspects of preparation is making sure drains are ready for the increased use they’ll have during the holiday season.

It is important to make sure drains are not clogged and operating correctly throughout the year. Still, preventative maintenance on your plumbing system becomes even more vital if you are accommodating guests. 

Aberle Plumbing offers drain cleaning in Houston, TX, and the surrounding region. We are proud to offer a complete line of plumbing services, including installation, maintenance, and repair. To schedule your pre-holiday service, contact Aberle Plumbing today.

Today we will discuss some of the steps you can take to ensure your drains are flowing smoothly this upcoming holiday. But, first, take a look at some of the warning signs your clogged drains will show.

Holiday Cooking and the Kitchen Drain

Nothing tastes better than a home-cooked holiday meal! Yet, with the increased use of your kitchen to make goodies for the family comes the threat of a clogged drain. It is common for most cooks to pour leftover fats, grease, and oil down the kitchen drain once the food is prepared. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DOING THIS! 

When grease, fat, and oil are hot, they are in liquid form, but when cooled down, they harden and coat the interior of your drains. These build-ups further collect other particulate matter leading to blockages.

When cooking your next holiday meal, don’t pour excess fat, grease, or oil down your kitchen drain. It is best to let the substances cool and then discard them in a trash can. By avoiding this small mistake during the kitchen clean-up, you can prevent a costly and annoying clogged drain in the future.

Don’t Flush the Unflushable

Another avoidable error when it comes to your home’s plumbing is flushing things down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed. A clogged toilet can be a major headache, especially when you are entertaining for the holidays.

It would be best if you made sure a trash can is visible and placed near the toilet. This should be an indicator for family or guests to use the wastebasket for materials such as sanitary napkins and hygiene products. If you have guests with young children, it is also advisable to respectfully remind them that children should be accompanied in the bathroom.

Schedule a Visit With Your Plumber

Finally, the best solution to prevent a clogged drain or toilet during the holiday season is scheduling routine maintenance with your plumber. A professional will be able to thoroughly check your drains to make sure they are running properly and free from obstructions. This will allow you to entertain your holiday guests without the threat of an untimely clogged pipe or toilet.

Aberle Plumbing is a leading plumber in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. With over three decades of experience providing our community with professional home services, Aberle Plumbing delivers a customer-driven approach to professional plumbing. 

Aberle Plumbing offers a full range of commercial plumbing services as well. We can perform drain cleaning for your business to ensure everything is running smoothly for the holiday season. For more information about our services, please contact us today!