Texas is Reopening Commercial Sites — Are Your Drains Ready to Handle the Masses?

With COVID-19 restrictions easing up in Texas, more and more businesses are starting to open up and welcome customers back into their doors. It’s a relief to finally have a semblance of normalcy back into everyday life, especially after being cooped up for so many months. 

The only problem is that your dormant drains may not be as welcoming. After months of sitting untouched and unused, drains can develop clogs from mineral deposit buildups. Not only is this a concern for bathroom urinal and toilet drains, but also kitchen sinks. 

To do our part in helping local businesses get back on their feet, Aberle is offering a special deal to restaurants in Houston and the surrounding areas. When you sign up for our biannual service agreements, your first drain cleaning fee will be waived! Yep, you read that right. You pay $0.00 the first time around! 

We have an amazing deal for other local companies as well. For the low price of $495.00, you get a professional camera inspection, video-recording, and hydro-jetting service. Both deals require a drain waste line with an accessible cleanout. 

Take a look at all of the amazing benefits you get from just ONE drain cleaning, then call us to learn more about our drain cleaning specials. 

Prevent Blockages

Restaurants and other food establishments know that a clogged drain is the fastest way to ruin a workday. One moment everything is working fine, and the next disaster strikes! It’s inconvenient, frustrating, and time-consuming if your employees and customers have to go out of their way to avoid a clogged drain. Let’s make sure a blockage won’t set your business back by scheduling a drain cleaning service ASAP.

Increase Plumbing Lifespan

Your home’s plumbing is only used a few times a day when family members are home from work or school. Your business’s plumbing, on the other hand? It’s used constantly by tons of people! Therefore, it tends to wear down much more quickly than you can imagine. An easy way to increase its lifespan is to schedule regular drain cleanings with a company you trust. Keeping the drains clean and flowing smoothly will help reduce the number of expensive repairs you may see down the road. 

Reduce Bacteria Growth

Take a moment to think about the inside of your drainage system. The recesses of your drains are dark and moist — the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs. When the clog gets bad enough to cause nasty sewage backups, these dangerous pathogens will travel right up into your workplace, presenting a risk for contamination. In this day and age, where health and safety are paramount, it’s your job to help protect your employees and customers against biohazards. Make sure unhealthy toxins are not lingering in your plumbing by flushing out your drains. 

Staying in Compliance

All businesses in Houston, TX, no matter the industry they occupy, must abide by local health codes in order to keep their employees and clients safe. Getting your drains cleaned by a professional plumbing company is one step closer to a healthy workplace and staying in compliance. 

More Savings You Can Pocket

At the end of the day, regular drain cleanings are meant to be a preventative measure that helps you save BIG in the long run. A professional drain cleaning today will help prevent a sewer line replacement tomorrow. You tell us — which do you think costs more? If you said the drain cleaning, you would be correct. Sometimes, it’s the small things that go a long way, even in a commercial setting. So, stop putting off your preventative maintenance and start thinking towards the future. All of the money you can be saving on expensive plumbing repairs can be better used in other ways that help increase your ROI. 

Interested in scheduling a commercial drain cleaning in Houston, TX, and other nearby areas? Just pick up the phone and dial our number. We’ll be right there to make sure your drains are squeaky clean and perfectly healthy!