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The State of Water Hardness in Houston Homes & Proven Solutions

Does your water taste “earthy”? Are your faucets constantly covered with limescale buildups?

If the answer is yes, it’s not surprising — Texas ranks among the highest in the US for hard water. 

Those who reside in Houston are no strangers to hard water. The Water Quality Association rates water as hard if it has over 17 PPM. Comparatively, most Houston homes and businesses come in, on average, at 135 PPM.

This extreme level of mineral leftovers can lead to some noticeable effects, which is why so many Houston plumbers advertise the benefits of water softeners. 

Signs of Hard Water Damage

Hard water contains high amounts of minerals, with calcium and magnesium being the most abundant. Excessive exposure to calcium doesn’t allow soap to lather properly, which leaves behind a residue on your skin, dishes, clothes, etc. Plus, with enough time, mineral deposits will build up inside of pipes and cause a blockage. This clogging lowers water pressure and, ultimately, forces your plumbing system to work harder. 

Does your home suffer from hard water damage? Check out these telltale signs here:

  • Scale buildup on faucets, shower doors, or bathtubs.
  • Soap that doesn’t lather.
  • Clothes that are rough to touch.
  • Water that tastes of chalk or minerals.
  • Dishes that require several rounds of washing to clean.

Proven Fresh Water Solutions

If it’s time to feel truly clean and enjoy a glass of water again, then it’s time to invest in a whole-home water softener.

These advanced plumbing devices not only make cleaning your home easier, but they also get rid of the earthy taste in water. Soft water doesn’t leave deposits on the surfaces of appliances, so your important home appliances — washing machines, kettles, water heaters, etc. — can last longer.

When deciding on a water filtration system for your home, it’s best to consult a certified professional. Aberle plumbers have extensive training and experience choosing and installing the perfect water softeners for Houston homes. We consider the following factors:

  • The exact hardness of your water, usually measured in PPM.
  • The size of your household and its monthly water use.
  • The appliances that are most likely to suffer from hard water damage.

Affordable Plumbing in Houston, TX

As your neighborly plumbers, we’re happy to provide affordable plumbing that you can rely on.

We start by testing your water quality and recommending the best solution for your home and budget. Once you’ve picked your preferred water filtration system, we can quickly install it for you. Our expert team would love to help with any questions you have about hard water in Houston.