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A plumber working on a toilet.

Toilet Troubles? Here’s How You Know it’s Time for a Replacement

You never expect to be stuck at home without a working toilet. It just happens unexpectedly, and never at a convenient time. Toilet troubles are something all homeowners experience here and there, but how do you know when it’s time for a replacement, rather than a repair? We’ve compiled a list of the signs that it’s time for a new toilet installation in your home. 

Constant Clogging

Have you become your own weekend plumber because your toilet is constantly getting clogged? It’s normal if your toilet clogs once in a while — it happens to the best of us — but it’s not normal when it happens too frequently. When your toilet clogs, it could be caused by one of three things: it can’t handle what you’re trying to flush, the drain pipe is full of mineral deposit, or the flush isn’t powerful enough. Start by scheduling a drain cleaning with our Houston team. If this doesn’t work, you know for sure that it’s time to replace your toilet. 

Frequent Repairs

When your toilet starts falling apart, calling a plumber for repairs every month drains your wallet more in the long run. You’re basically replacing every part of your toilet piece by piece, the costs of which can add up quickly. The best course of action is to opt for a replacement instead. Your plumber will probably tell you the same thing when they come over for yet another repair service. 

Damaged Tank

Just like your car can’t function with a damaged gas tank, neither can your toilet function with a cracked or leaking tank. Most of your bathroom fixtures are made of porcelain because it’s an incredibly sturdy, waterproof material. However, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to damages. A hairline crack here and a fracture there might seem like no big deal now, but they grow right under your nose. Before you know it, your toilet will be leaking gallons upon gallons of water. Don’t take your chances with a damaged tank or bowl; just replace your toilet to be safe. 

Old Age

Age catches up with everything in your bathroom, from your toilet to your drain pipes. Although a porcelain toilet lasts about 50 years, its inner mechanisms do not. Neither does its efficiency. Your toilet can suffer from wear and tear just like everything else. Eventually it might start leaking, experience constant clogs, and require frequent repairs. These are all symptoms of old age. 

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